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  Committees meet at the call of the Committee Chair or the the Economic Development Coordinator.

Revolving Loan Committee Tasks: To administer the Revolving Loan Fund.
Committee: Jodi Valentino
Andrea Weiss
Adele Woskobojnik
Al Cambridge

Marketing Committee Tasks: To market the county of Roscommon.
Committee: Bev Vanwert
Kathy Jernigan
Jan Walte
Kim Akin
Adele Woskobojnik
Ed Bergeron
Fred Bradley
Don Nichols
Tracy P. Smith

Executive Committee Tasks: To establish the monthly meeting agenda. To represent the RCED board between meetings. To maintain open communications with the County Controller and Economic Development Coordinator.
Committee: Ed Bergeron - Chair
Al Cambridge - Vice Chair
Brenda Bachelder - Treasurer

All RCED members may volunteer to serve on one or more committees.

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