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County Commission 989-275-8021
  Chairman              (District 3) Robert Schneider
  Vice Chairman     (District 4) Marc Milburn
  Commissioner      (District 1) David Russo
  Commissioner      (District 2) Ken Melvin
  Commissioner      (District 5) Gary Stefanko
  Administrative Assistant Alisha Pastell 989-275-8021
Controller's Office 989-275-7861
  Controller Jodi Valentino
  Payroll Noelle Martin
Clerk's Office 989-275-5923
  County Clerk/Register of Deeds Michele Stevenson
  Chief Deputy Clerk Jamie Paille
  Chief Deputy Register of Deeds Kari Hopkins
Treasurer's office 989-275-5823
  County Treasurer Rebecca Ragan
  Chief Deputy Treasurer Marcie Dankert 989-275-7648
Equalization Office 989-275-8121
  County Equalization Director Jamie Houserman
Mapping and Systems Office 989-275-7648
  Mapping/Systems Coordinator Phil Bendily
Housing Office 989-275-8306
  County Housing Director Laura Mackillop
Animal Shelter 989-366-0260
  Animal Control Director Terry MacKillop
MSU Extension Office 989-275-5043
  Extension Director/Forester Julie Crick
  4-H Agent Nancy Persing 989-275-8740
Drain & Soil Erosion Office 989-275-8021
  Drain Commissioner Rex Wolfsen
Economic Development Office 989-275-5268
  Economic Development Coordinator Rosalie Myers
Roscommon Co/Blodgett Memorial Airport 989-366-7660
  Airport Manager Eric Jaroch
Sheriff's Office 989-275-5101
  County Sheriff Ed Stern ext 12
  Under Sheriff Ben Lowe ext 16
  Jail Administrator Laurie Belk ext 13
Central Dispatch Office 989-2375-7911
  911 Director Vance Stringham
  911 Assistant Director Carrie Perialas
Emergency Services office
  Emergency Services Coordinator Michael Beaty 989-275-8740
Conservation & Recycling Office 989-275-3163
  Director Barbara Stauffer
Maintenance & Custodial Office 989-275-7523
  Coordinator Steve Nielsen
Veterans Office 989-275-6047
Veterans Trustfund Tom Shepherd
Counsler/Coordinator Kevin Sherman
Gypsy Moth Office 989-275-7135
  Coordinator Lucille Eisbrenner

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