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Starting a business is an exciting adventure! It takes a great deal of time to plan a new business and transform it into a successful, growing enterprise.

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The Small Business Administration's check list for a new business includes:
  • Are you a self starter?
  • How do you feel about other people?
  • Can you lead others?
  • Can you take responsibility?
  • Are you a good organizer?
  • How good a worker are you?
  • Can you make decisions?
  • Can people trust what you say?
  • Can you stick with it?
  • How good is your health?
Think about WHY you want to start your own business!
  • Are you willing to work long hours without being assured of how much money you will earn?
  • What is your business training background?
  • Have you worked with someone else as a supervisor?
  • How much money have you saved to begin your new business?
  • Do you have experience in a business such as your new business?
  • Have you researched businesses like your new business?
  • What special licenses will your new business require?
  • Have you located a place for your new business?
  • What zoning ordinances may affect your new business?
Contact our Economic Development Office for assistance in answering these questions and help setting up your new business.
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