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Most meetings take place the last Thursday of the month with exceptions. Please note the meeting schedule.

Roscommon County Strategic Plan
2016 - 2021
The Roscommon County Economic Development Board will provide the coordinating leadership to promote and encourage economic growth and development while enhancing the quality of life in Roscommon County
Adopted February 28, 2002
Roscommon County will be known for its Economic Vitality, and Safe Inclusive Communities that provide a Welcoming, Vibrant and Friendly Environment to Thrive, Work, Learn and Play.
  • Honesty and Transparency
  • Collaboration
  • Creativity
  • Environmental Stewardship
  • Resiliency and Community Self Reliance
  • Cultural Diversity
  • Future Orientation
Strategic Planning for Economic Development in Rural and Urban Areas of Northeastern Michigan

“Economic Development has become the “watchword” for rural Northeastern Michigan as local leaders struggle to revitalize the overall economy.  Economic Development is concerned with diversifying the economy and creating additional jobs and income to maintain and enhance the quality of life in Northeastern Michigan.

Strategic Planning implies forward thinking and anticipation of the future.  Resources will be utilized and decisions made to achieve desired future goals.  Strategic Planning is the process of identifying future goals and how to achieve them.  Strategic Planning will clarify the process of building a local foundation for economic development.  There is nothing mystical about developing a strategy; it involves hard work, communication, thought and cooperation.  To succeed in economic development efforts, a community must know where it wants to go and how it should get there.  A strategy is simply a plan or a road map showing how to get there.  Business firms are often advised to develop a business plan in order to survive in a constantly changing environment.  The plans can be used to assist management in assessing potential opportunities and implementing decisions, developing a strategy for community economic development is very similar and necessary if communities are to succeed.  Local leaders must be involved in developing the strategy because it cannot be successful without their total support.  It is also very important that local leaders understand at the very beginning that they must make a substantial commitment of their time and effort if they hope to succeed.”
  1. Strengthen Collaboration and Mutual Support within Roscommon County.
  2. Expand the utilization of our Michigan’s Other Great Lakes logo brand and marketing strategy to attract new visitors, employers, workers and permanent residents to our County.
  3. Utilize the RCEDC Revolving Loan Fund to attract, expand and retain businesses in Roscommon County.

1. Strengthen collaboration and mutual support through promotion of the Strategic Plan within Roscommon County.

A. Schedule two RCEDC Economic/Outlooks Events annually:One Event with outside Presenter or Presenters focusing on economic opportunities, issues and trends relevant to Roscommon County;The second Event will focus on celebrating our townships’ and communities’ accomplishments and bright economic future, while sharing their individual success stories and plans for the months and years ahead.

B. Schedule RCEDC board members or staff to visit County communities and townships on an annual basis to share, promote and provide progress reports regarding the Strategic Plan, and to encourage complementary efforts at the local level.

C.Monitor and update the Strategic Plan as needed for consistency with the complementary Northeast Michigan Regional Prosperity Initiative and other Region 3 and EMCOG plans and programs.

DCreate Strategic Plan for RCEDC Marketing Committee.

E.Collaborate with local partners to assist those seeking housing and commercial space.

2. Expand utilization of Michigan’s Other Great Lakes

A.. Update and improve RCEDC web site, establish an active social media program, and strengthen printed materials and special events to expand and improve content, consistency, reach and effectiveness of our promotional efforts, web presence and branding.

B. Improve connectivity and collaboration of RCEDC brand messaging with the State’s Pure Michigan campaign and complementary RPI Region 3 programs.

C. Prepare applications for non-motorized trails expansion, i.e. Iron-Belle Trail for Statewide marketing.

D. Establish and promote a Sponsored “You Tube” Channel for Michigan’s Other Great Lakes.

E. Pursue expanded and improved broadband connectivity.

3. Utilize new Revolving Loan Fund.

A. Develop program awareness and encourage applications.

B. Research funding partnerships.
- NEMCOG/Alpena
- Private Donations

C. Loan out at least half of the available funds by next year.

D. Develop and implement a plan to commit all funds in the next 5 years.

E. Look for and support the highest impact projects

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