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Iglesia Ciudad Teléfono
Assembly of God Prudenville 989-366-8885
Church on the Lakes Free Methodist Houghton Lake 989-422-3354
Community of Christ Church Houghton Lake 989-422-3121
Faith Community Church Houghton Lake 989-422-3121
First Baptist Church Prudenville 989-366-5088
First Congregational Church Roscommon 989-275-5055
Good Shepherd United Methodist Church of the North Roscommon 989-275-5577
Grace Covenant Fellowship Roscommon 989-821-5235
Higgins Lake Baptist Church Higgins Lake 989-821-5464
Houghton Lake Baptist Church Houghton Lake 989-422-5869
Houghton Lake Church of Christ Houghton Lake 989-422-5824
Houghton Lake Community Church of God Houghton Lake 989-422-2001
Houghton Lake Seventh Day Adventist Prudenville 989-366-7442
Houghton Lake United Methodist Church Houghton Lake 989-422-5622
Houghton Lake Wesleyan Church Houghton Lake 989-366-9113
Immanuel Baptist Church Higgins Lake 989-275-4363
Jehovah's Witness Kingdom Hall Prudenville 989-366-5866
Kirk of the Lakes Presbyterian Houghton Lake 989-366-7519
Markey Community Baptist Church Markey Twp 989-821-5490
Messiah Lutheran Church ELCA Roscommon 989-275-8820
New Hope Chapel Full Gospel Prudenville 989-366-4454
Our Lady of the Lake Catholic Church Prudenville 989-366-5533
Pathway Southern Baptist Church Prudenville 989-366-8754
Roscommon Baptist Church Roscommon 989-281-1449
Roscommon Free Methodist Church Roscommon 989-275-5719
St. Elizabeth's Episcopal Church Higgins Lake 989-821-9197
St. Helen Baptist Church St. Helen 989-389-3111
St. Helen Catholic Church St. Helen 989-389-4959
St. Helen Hope Lutheran Church St. Helen 989-389-7715
St. Hubert Catholic Church Higgins Lake 989-821-5591
St. James Catholic Church Houghton Lake 989-422-3925
St. John Lutheran Church LCMS Houghton Lake 989-366-5164
St. Martin Lutheran Church Roscommon 989-275-4070
St. Michael's Catholic Church Roscommon 989-275-5212
Soul's Harbor Worship Center Roscommon 989-275-5309
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