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Organization Meeting Date Time
Alzheimer's Support Group 3rd Wednesday 3pm
Artesia Youth Center Board 1st Thursday 4pm
AuSable River Center 3rd Thursday 7pm
AuSable Twp Board 2nd Tuesday 7pm
Backus Twp Board 1st Monday 7pm
Coast Guard Auxiliary 4th Thursday 7pm
COOR Intermediate School Board 2nd Wednesday 7pm
Denton Twp Board 1st Wednesday 7pm
Roscommon Downtown Development Authority 3rd Monday 8am
Gerrish Twp Board 2nd Tuesday 7:30pm
Friends Helping Friends Foundation 3rd Wednesday 7pm
Habitat for Humanity Board 3rd Wednesday 7am
Higgins Lake Civic Association    
Higgins Lake Foundation    
Higgins Lake Property Owners Assn    
Higgins Lake-Roscommon Chamber 4th Monday 6pm
Higgins Lake Lions Club 1st & 3rd Tuesdays 7pm
Higgins Lake Study Group 2nd Wednesday 1pm
Higgins Twp Board 1st Monday 7pm
Houghton Lake American Legion    
Houghton Lake Arts and Crafts Association 2nd Thursday 6pm
Houghton Lake Chamber of Commerce 2nd. Wednesday 6pm
Houghton Lake Eagles    
Houghton Lake Elks Club    
Houghton Lake Historical Society 3rd Tuesday (May-Nov) 7pm
Houghton Lake Improvement Board 4th Tuesday 7pm
Houghton Lake Kiwanis Every Wednesday 12pm
Houghton Lake Knights of Columbus    
Houghton Lake Lake Association    
Houghton Lake Lioness Club 1st Monday 6pm
Houghton Lake Lions Club 2nd & 4th Tuesday 6:30pm
Houghton Lake Masonic Lodge 2nd Tuesday 7:30pm
Houghton Lake Moose Lodge    
Houghton Lake Rotary Club Every Monday 12pm
Houghton Lake Sportsman's Club 1st Monday 7pm
Houghton Lake Tourism Bureau 3rd Wednesday 7pm
Houghton Lake Trail Blazers Club 2nd Saturday 7pm
Houghton Lake VFW    
Kirtland Community College Board    
Kirtland Garden Club 3rd Monday 1pm
Kirtland Ms Student Support Group 2nd Wednesday 5pm
Lake Twp Board 3rd Tuesday 7pm
Lyon Twp Board 3rd Wednesday 7pm
Markey Twp Board 2nd Monday 7:30pm
Michigan Firemen's Festival Committee 3rd Wednesday 7pm
Mikenauk Chorale Every Tuesday 7pm
Mikenauk Rock & Gem Club 3rd Thursday 6:30pm
Multiple Collaborative Group 3rd Wednesday 8:15am
Nester Twp Board 1st Thursday 7pm
Pen & Palette Artists Guild Every Thursday 10am
Richfield Twp Board 3rd Tuesday 7pm
Right to Life of Roscommon County 3rd Tuesday 7pm
Roscommon Area Historical Society 3rd Tuesday (Apr-Nov) 7pm
Roscommon Area Pilots Association 2nd Wednesday 7pm
Roscommon Area Zonta Club 1st Tuesday 5:30pm
Roscommon Co Community Foundation    
Roscommon County Commission 2nd & 4th Wednesdays 10am
Roscommon County Economic Development Last Thursday 8am
Roscommon County Fair Board 1st Wednesday 6pm
Roscommon County Genealogical Society 2nd Thursday 1pm
Roscommon County Literacy Council 3rd Monday 6:30pm
Roscommon County United Way 2nd Friday 12pm
Roscommon County Veterans Affairs 1st Thursday 1pm
Roscommon Knights of Columbus 4th Wednesday 8pm
Roscommon Lions Club 1st & 3rd Tuesdays 7pm
Roscommon Masonic Lodge 2nd Monday (April-January) 7:30pm
Roscommon Metro Recreation Authority 3rd Wednesday 7pm
Roscommon Rotary Club Every Thursday 12:15pm
Roscommon Twp Board 1st Tuesday 7pm
Roscommon Trail Cruisers Club 2nd Thursday
3rd Saturday
Roscommon VFW 2nd Wednesday 7pm
Roscommon Village Council 2nd & 4th Mondays 7pm
Roscommon Wood Carvers 1st Tuesday 7pm
St. Helen Chamber of Commerce 4th Thursday 7pm
St. Helen DDA 2nd Tuesday 8am
St. Helen Knights of Columbus    
St. Helen Snowpackers Snowmobile Club 1st Tuesday
3rd Saturday
St. Helen Dirtpackers Club 3rd Saturday 12pm
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